NLP Practitioner Time Line Certification

If you want to learn NLP and are ready to really take your life to the next level, this is the perfect starting point for you. Join Gerry Watkins for  NLP Practitioner Certification Training held in Phoenix Az. Or Zoom online Training.
This training will guide you step-by-step in how to consistently make great things happen in your life.
  • Find out how to discover the answers to what is holding you back
  • Find out how to unleash your self-confidence and full potential
  • Learn tools to motivate you and keep you motivated
  • Learn the most innovative tools used in personal growth coaching and much more…
Many people interested in attending an NLP Practitioner Certification Training have the strong desire to become proficient in NLP techniques, so they can take their life and career to a whole new level of results. They also want to learn tools that can assist them to help others realize their full potential. They likewise have the desire to give back to those who are searching for better futures, just like they once were. And they want to do it fast!
That is why Gerry Watkins NLP Practitioner Certification Training…to successfully answer the question, “Can I take an NLP Practitioner Training course in just 7 days?”
The answer is a resounding YES!

If you join us for the  NLP Practitioner Certification Training, you can get two certifications in one training in just 7 days. So, if you’re serious about becoming a powerful person with self-confidence, who is respected and loved, then this training is for you. If you are serious about creating abundance in your life and in the lives of others, then this training is for YOU!

About NLP Certification Time Line Training:
Join Gerry Watkins and the Team for this exciting NLP and Time Line Therapy®, Practitioner Certification Training. Using the technology of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Time Line Therapy®, you can become certified in each of these technologies in only 7 days.
Gerry Watkins is a Certified NLP and Time Line Therapy® Trainer. Our 7-day multimedia certification includes a home study audio segment coupled with in-house coaching before attending the live training.
For more information, fill out the form below or scroll down to read about the details of the  NLP Practitioner Certification Training.
Preparation for the NLP Practitioner Training — Home Study
Our unique NLP Practitioner Certification process gets you started right away with the pre-study for the training on audio. You listen at your own pace, then come to any of our scheduled training and finish your course of study. You will have ample opportunity at the training to heal the past while also learning the skills of NLP, Time Line Therapy®..
We have training throughout the year, so see the schedule above to find the next available NLP Practitioner Certification near you.
FasTrak™ NLP Practitioner Certification® Training
Total Training Cost – Regularly: $3,000 ——– WEB SPECIAL: $2,000
Additional Discounts Available
Includes a one-time $100 Certification Fee
Training price includes 18-Hour NLP Practitioner Audio Program (valued at $1000),
Time Line Therapy® and the Basis of Personality (book),
Magic of NLP Demystified (book) and
Complimentary shipping (to most worldwide locations)
$1000 Deposit to secure your seat
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The seats in Our NLP Practitioner Training are limited and many Workshops Sell Out in advance. You need to reserve your seat soon because there is a good chance, if you don’t, you won’t be able to attend. Space goes quickly…so enroll now by clicking the button below.
NLP Master Practitioner & Master Time line Certification
What is the difference between those who succeed and lead happy and prosperous lives and people who don’t? Are they working more?

From the NLP point of view, they have new, advanced skills. How is it that some people, even in the most difficult economic times, find a way to prosperity, and also make a difference in other people’s lives?

Many of those are graduates of the NLP Master Practitioner training. How do you adapt to the changes in your environment so you’re prepared right now? How do you balance your workload, your free time, your emotional well-being, your health, and your relationships, and keep up with the change? You already know that more hard work alone is not going to do it
The secret to a fulfilled and prosperous life is to become a master yourself and learn from one of the best companies in the field with an excellent reputation in the field of NLP and Time Line Therapy®.
We graduate the most skilled and most knowledgeable master practitioners of NLP who know how to succeed and produce results in their lives and their client’s lives.
Successful graduates will receive two certifications upon their successful completion: NLP and Time Line Therapy®, and Certification (intro level) in the Coaching Values Inventory System.
What Will You Learn During The NLP Master Practitioner Training NLP:
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is one of the most advanced technologies today for creating human change both in individuals and groups in Business, Education On-Going Coaching, and Therapy.
Quantum Linguistics – conversational change:
• Learn how to use the verb tense to conversationally put present problems in the past and future solutions in the present
• Learn how to use language with volition as a resource for success
• Discover how easy it is to change limiting beliefs unobtrusively, during a conversation
• 16 ways of answering any kind of objection (Sleight of Mouth)
• How to use a set of specific questions to direct your client’s thinking in a more positive way (Meta Model III)
• Discover deep unconscious sources of unhappiness (Prime Concerns)
• A fail-safe negotiation model (always produces results)
NLP and Quantum Thinking:
• Simple and easy to understand introduction to quantum thinking and personal change
• We simplify Quantum Thinking (comes from Quantum Physics) for you and show you how to use the principles in using your NLP techniques.
• We show you why the human mind works more like Quantum Physics than Newtonian Physics and how to use that to create change with individuals.
• The holographic nature of the universe and why spontaneous healing occurs
Personal Values – one of your sources of personal happiness:
• Discover what motivates you, what constitutes your personal conscious and unconscious source of ethics and fulfillment
• Learn how to identify the part of values which do not serve and support you anymore
• Identify and get rid of unconscious values conflicts (I.E. I want to make money, but if I work hard I won’t have any freedom).
• Thinking in relation to values and your personal evolution
• How to change values so that they support your desires and growth
• How to use values alignment in business, sales, management, relationships, etc
Meta Programs – unconscious inner patterns that make you who you are:
• Discover how these inner filters make people have different skills and abilities.
• How to select the people you consider most suitable for certain jobs in a win-win situation (extremely valuable in business)
• Learn how to elicit Meta Programs conversationally without intruding in client’s personal life

Advanced Submodalities:
• Use hardwired neurological drivers to create lasting change
• Learn how to manufacture designer SWISH patterns according to your client’s individual needs.
Advanced Strategies:
• Learn how to install strategies (formally and informally through the Logical Levels of Therapy process)
• Advanced elicitation of strategies with particular business (sales, management) applications
• How to model excellence in others and then install the model in yourself.
• How to create a training program to install models of excellence
NLP Presentation Skills and Training Design
• How to design a presentation that will appeal to any type of personality
• How to succeed at the NLP Trainer’s Training and become a great Trainer
• Secrets known only by NLP Master Trainers with this level of experience.
and…Much, much more … and all at an advanced level! Topics such as the Quantum Linguistics, Hierarchy of Ideas, Sleight of Mouth, Platform Skills, Prime Concerns, Suggestibility, Advanced Healing, and Allergy Intervention are just the tip of the iceberg of what we have in store for you when you join us for the
FasTrak™ NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training.
You will also make lasting, enduring friends at the NLP Master Practitioner Training.
The Training: The FasTrak™ NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training is at a whole new level of thinking. Presented such that it is easy to understand and use, — you reach a new perspective, so you master your NLP patterns and techniques — you learn everything from a “higher logical level,” which means that every NLP technique that you’ve ever learned before becomes just that much more useable and workable. Moreover, you will learn how to apply all these skills and techniques in coaching people.
When you spend this time enjoying the most rewarding activities that you may ever have experienced you will find that your own appreciation of who you are grows geometrically. In addition, your appreciation of Tad and Adriana James will grow even more as they guide you through the techniques where you truly can discover and totally own your own magnificence.

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Time Line Therapy® Master Practitioner Certification Training
Time Line Therapy® Master Practitioner Certification
Hypnosis   Certification
You will also learn hypnotherapy from a highly skilled Certified Hypnotherapist Trainer. This training allows you to receive certification as a Hypnotherapist.  This Training meets the standards of the American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. So your certification has worldwide recognition.
During the Hypnosis Training, You’ll Learn Effective Hypnosis Techniques to:
The truths and myths about hypnosis (and how to successfully communicate the truths and myths to your clients!).
Effective hypnosis techniques that will allow you to help your clients make positive changes in their lives faster and on an even deeper level.
How to create effective suggestions for your client’s unconscious mind.
Techniques to help your clients gain confidence, stop overeating, stop smoking, and/or eliminate stress. 
How to use hypnosis legally and ethically to create and accelerate change within your client.
How to use self-hypnosis for your personal growth and development along with your clients.
Your Curriculum Includes: 
3-Day Hypnosis Training
Mostly Hands-On Practice right from the start
Learn by Practice Not From Watching DVD’s
Supervision by an Experienced Hypnotherapist and Certified Trainer
Interviewing Techniques to Determine the Suggestions Necessary for Best Result
Suggestibility Testing
Learn Inductions – Post Hypnotic Suggestions – Deepening Techniques

NLP Practitioner Coaching And Training Are Limited And Many pieces of training Sell Out In Advance!